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“Through a fund-raising event at my school, I had bought a similar sheet for much more money. I liked it, but thought I’d check Amazon and find a better price. The set of 4 was less money that the one first purchased so I worried that these would be too good to be true, but they are amazing. I bought two more sets and mailed to my daughters and they called me checking for cookie recipes. So if you want a great non-stick mat at a great price and maybe a reason for your grown-up kids to give you a call, then buy these.”

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Healthy Chef Tools Premium Non-Stick Baking Mats and Cookie Sheets - Black (15.75 x 13), Set of 4

Baking Mats come in Black or Tan

  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Works in ovens, toasters, convection ovens, pizza ovens, dehydrators and for use with crafting
  • TRIMS TO FIT ANY PAN - Durable construction won’t curl like parchment paper; makes better cakes, bread, cookies, pastries
  • EASY CLEANING - Simply wipe clean; No more scraping food residue from pans; Perfect for college or apartment living, wedding or housewarming present
  • SAFE TO 500 F - Ultra-thin design creates advanced heat distribution system for perfect food crispness. Healthy cooking accessory with Betty Crocker, Cake Boss, Cooks Illustrated, Mary Berry, Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens recipes
  • BLACK COLOR HIDES STAINS - Some buttery foods leave discolorations on light-colored mats. Not on these mats. (See below for special offers)

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BBQ Grill Mats and food on grill


“These mats are great. You can cook on the grill and not have to scrub the grates afterwards. Just remove the mats, rinse off the gook then wash them in soapy water and you are done. I will now use our grill instead of just letting it sit there as a lawn ornament! I also used the oven mat to reheat some fried chicken and the clean-up was a breeze! Extremely happy with my purchase and I recommend them to all.”

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(Set of 3) 2 Premium BBQ Grill Mats and 1 Bonus Baking Sheet, Rugged Heavy Duty Design for Long-Lasting Use, Non-Stick, Easy Cleaning, No Drips, Works on All Grills for Delicious Barbeque Grilling

Works on any type of grill

  • BEST GIFT FOR DAD – This is the good stuff! Heavy duty fabric material is built to last, yet thin enough to produce the mouth-watering grill marks you expect on meat, fish and vegetables without food drying out.
  • BARBECUE TOOLS – You’ll never need to scrape food residue off your grill again. No more drippings to gunk up your grill!
  • WORKS ON ANY TYPE OF GRILL – Gas, propane, charcoal, electric, smoker; Weber, Coleman, Char-Broil, Traeger, others. Easily trim to fit any shape
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Wipe clean with soap and water; dishwasher safe; FDA-certified materials
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – The bonus baking mat is thinner than the grill mats. It’s the ideal thickness for cookies, pizza, breads, even crafting

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“I have received this gift in exchange for an honest review of the product. I have always been a light sleeper. My wife is a nite owl and sometimes I wake very easily. Of everything, I love the earplugs and sleep mask. Been using them for a couple of weeks and I am sleeping better and deeper than ever. Have tried sleep masks in the past but this one is extremely comfortable and helps me fall asleep fast. Definitely recommend!!”

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Premium Restful Sleep System – Sleep Mask, Guided Meditation CD, Neck Pillow, Earplugs, Gift Box

  • IDEAL TRAVEL ACCESSORY – Perfect for anyone who struggles getting to sleep and staying asleep, travelers, and shift workers
  • SCIENTIFICALLY ADVANCED – Small magnets in the mask enhance sleep while blocking out light to help you wake up feeling refreshed
  • GUIDED MEDITATION – Turn off your brain with the help of Bonnie Groessl’s popular “Restful Sleep” audio (CD and free download!)
  • NECK SUPPORT – In a chair or for travel, the inflatable neck pillow eliminates neck strain
  • BLOCK OUT SOUND – Comfortable earplugs prevent external noises from affecting sleep (includes carry case)

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“I ordered two sets (my husband wanted to get a set for our daughter for Christmas). My husband and I have been listening to a different one each night (the last 3 nights) and we both agree that they are great! I think we have gotten the best 3 nights of sleep that we can remember! We are very pleased with them and very excited to give our daughter her set next week! Thank you! You are awesome!”

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Premium 4-CD Set of Guided Meditations for Better Sleep, Stress Management, Relaxation and Weight Loss (Box set) 

Bonnie Groessl’s most popular guided meditation CDs

SAVE MONEY – This CD set contains all of the popular guided meditations offered by wellness expert Bonnie Groessl for significantly less than they cost separately.

ENJOY IMPROVED PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING – Who doesn’t want to feel better and be happier? The guided meditations in this 4-CD set are designed to help you sleep better, relax and deal effectively with stress.

DISCOVER HOW TO LEVERAGE YOUR MIND – Learn to link the strengths and desires of your conscious mind, subconscious mind and your body for ultimate happiness.

4 GREAT TITLES IN ONE SET – This gift set includes: “Restful Sleep” – Soothes you into a restful night’s sleep. “Relax” – Eases stress and anxiety: “Meditation for Busy People” – Allows you to experience the many benefits of mindfulness. “Weight Loss” – Recruits your subconscious mind to choose fresh, healthy and nutritious foods while feeling confident and successful as you take good care of your body

GIFT-GIVING FLEXIBILITY – Give the set as a gift, or use the individually wrapped CDs for multiple gift-giving.

POSITIVE REVIEWS – “I rely on this meditation to help me sleep. I no longer have to take sleeping pills.” (Search “Bonnie Groessl” to read reviews for each individual CD.)

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